MariaDB Talks at Percona Live Data Performance Conference 2016

The Percona Live Data Performance Conference 2016 isn’t until 18-21 April 2016, but community voting is now open. So if you’re going, and want to see lots of MariaDB talks, please click on the buttons below and vote!

You have to be logged in to the Percona site to vote. Once logged in, scroll to the bottom of the talk description page, assign the number of stars that represents your interest in the talk (5 is the best) and click on the “Submit Vote” button. That’s all there is to it.

Here are all of the proposed talks I know of that are either specifically MariaDB-related or are by employees of either the MariaDB Foundation or MariaDB Corporation. If there are others, please let me know!

Using and Managing MariaDB by Colin Charles View & Vote!
MariaDB 10.1 – What’s New? by Colin Charles & Monty Widenius View & Vote!
MariaDB/MySQL security essentials by Colin Charles View & Vote!
MariaDB Connectors: Fast and Smart with the new protocol optimizations by Sergei Golubchik View & Vote!
MariaDB 10.1 Security: Validation, Authentication, Encryption by Sergei Golubchik View & Vote!
Window functions in MariaDB by Sergei Petrunia View & Vote!
Exploring MariaDB Query Optimizer with ANALYZE for statements by Sergei Petrunia View & Vote!
The MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine to simplify heterogeneous data access by Serge Frezefond View & Vote!
Databases in the Hosted Cloud by Colin Charles View & Vote!
Best practices for MySQL High Availability by Colin Charles View & Vote!
Choosing a MySQL HA solution today by Colin Charles View & Vote!
The MySQL Server Ecosystem in 2016 by Colin Charles View & Vote!
Low Impact Monitoring by Gerardo Narvaja View & Vote!
Characters sets and Collations – All you wanted to know but was afraid to ask by Anders Karlsson View & Vote!
IBM Power8 – The new powerful open database platform by Anders Karlsson View & Vote!
Migrating data – Working with datatypes, it might not be what you expect! by Anders Karlsson View & Vote!
Real-time data streaming to Hadoop using MaxScale by Dipti Joshi View & Vote!
A Multi-tenancy Use Case for MaxScale by Dipti Joshi & Markus Mäkelä View & Vote!

Published by MariaDB Foundation

Daniel Bartholomew is the MariaDB Release Manager. He has written two MariaDB-related books: Getting Started with MariaDB (now in it's 2nd Edition) and the MariaDB Cookbook, both published by Packt.