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Merging 5.6 test cases and thoughts on feature deprecation in MariaDB 10.0

MariaDB 10 is nearing GA, and it makes sense to make sure that the test suite from MySQL 5.6 is merged into MariaDB 10. Svoj is doing a lot of this work, and then we like to look at features, especially ones that are deprecated upstream. We don’t do that on blogs, but on the maria-developers mailing list.

I bring to your attention: Intermediate status for test cases merge. We see that INSERT DELAYED and SHOW PROFILE for example are deprecated in MySQL 5.6. The only way for feedback to the MySQL team seems to be comments on Morgan’s blog. However with MariaDB, especially with the feedback plugin enabled, we have an additional layer of information besides just comments on a blog or mailing list. 

We see from the features being used, INSERT DELAYED and SHOW PROFILE are still being used. The rest of the thread is an interesting read, as for example we should probably follow 5.6 in making NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION to be the default. Also if you’re interested in the reason behind YEAR(2) existing, there is reasoning to why it exists.

The list continues. If you’re interested in MariaDB development, please ensure that you’re subscribed to the maria-developers mailing list, and if you’re a user, please consider enabling the user feedback plugin.


  1. Peter Laursen Peter Laursen

    Yes, please keep PROFILING as an option independent of performance_schema.

    Running P_S may have a high penalty (and I know more organizations having it turned OFF on their production servers rather than using it). Maybe also PROFILING may (?) if you PROFILE each and every query, but the point is that you will not do this.

    Oracle is agressively promoting performance_schema (in their monitoring tool, in Workbench) at a stage where they should rather concentrate on reducing the penalty of P_S and provide more fine-grained options for *where and when* P_S should be available and where and when it should not.

    (On a side-remark: on the opposite I would only be happy to see INSERT DELAYED go!)

  2. BloodySmartie1 BloodySmartie1

    I just read that Cassandra will be available as a storage engine in 10.0.1 doest that mean i can use all the comfortable MariaDB SQL on Cassandra databases?

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