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Newsletters from the MariaDB dev meeting in Lisbon

Every morning before any of the meetings get started I print out a small one page newsletter which contains (among other things) the program for the day. Rather than keep them private, Colin suggested I post them here. I call the newsletter the “MariaDB Programador de Journal” which (I think) translates to “MariaDB Programmer’s Journal” in Portuguese.

MariaDB Programador de Journal 11 March 2011

MariaDB Programador de Journal 12 March 2011

[Updated, 13 Mar 2011, to add the newsletter for that day.]

At the meeting we’ve also been taking notes and posting them online for what improvements we want to make this year in MariaDB to make it even better. You can find the notes in the Knowledgebase. If you have any suggestions for things you would like to see in the next version of MariaDB, please leave a comment in the Knowledgebase.

We want MariaDB to always be the best version of MySQL available anywhere, and letting us know what you need and new features that you like to have is an important part of the process.

MariaDB Programador de Journal 13 March 2011


  1. 2011-03-12    

    You could not possibly be in Lisbon. You must be in some desolated place away from civilization.
    I have been in Lisbon twice, and I can testify that there is internet connection and that people speak Portuguese.
    If you were in Lisbon, you would certainly have an internet connection, and thus Google Translate would have told you that “Programador de journal” means someone who programs journals, not a developer’s journal.
    And if you were in Lisbon, you could have asked someone who speaks Portuguese, and they would have told you the same.
    Apparently, there is neither commodity near you. Hence, you are not in Lisbon.

  2. 2011-03-13    

    You’re right. My Portuguese is terrible. I admit it, freely and completely. 🙂

    I created the template prior to arrival, and I didn’t have anyone to ask, so I actually did use Google Translate and it translates “Programador de Journal” as “Programmer’s Journal”:

    Maybe I should use Bing Translator… … checking… nevermind, it gives me the same answer. 😉

  3. 2011-03-13    

    Did you try English-to-Portuguese?

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