Percona Becomes Bronze Sponsor of MariaDB Foundation

The MariaDB Foundation is happy to announce that Percona, one of the oldest and most well known open source database support and services companies, has joined as a sponsor of the MariaDB Foundation.

Percona’s ongoing commitment to the open source database community is reflected in several ways, including hosting the Percona Live Open Source Database Conference, participating in meet-ups and webinars, and partnering with other key players in the open source database arena, including Mesosphere, Microsoft and AWS. Sponsorship of the MariaDB Foundation will help the Foundation support continuity and open collaboration in the MariaDB ecosystem, drive adoption, and serve an ever-growing community of users and developers.

Peter Zaitsev, co-founder and CEO of Percona states: “We are committed to supporting customers using the range of open source database platforms, including MariaDB. We look forward to collaborating with the members of the Foundation’s expanding ecosystem to find new ways to serve the many MariaDB users and developers who look to Percona to help them optimize their deployments.”

The MariaDB Foundation CEO, Otto Kekäläinen notes “We are glad that MariaDB is used by around 40% of Percona’s customers. Percona already has notable contributions in components used by MariaDB, like Galera Cluster and the Xtrabackup tool, and we are looking forward to deeper collaboration. In this ever-growing open source ecosystem there are plenty of opportunities for advancement for everybody’s benefit.”

For people interested in connecting with both Percona and MariaDB Foundation staff, there will be a good chance to do so at the next Percona Live Europe database conference.