Percona Live Online – MariaDB Call for Papers

Introducing the MariaDB Community Room

Good news: At Percona Live Wed-Thu 12-13 May 2021, there will be a separate track for MariaDB. It’s called the MariaDB Community Room. Matt Yonkovit and Bronwyn Campbell of Percona tell us they have some changes in store for this year’s online-only edition, one of them being a more clear distinction of tracks. This is good news for the users of MariaDB Server.

MariaDB in the General Track vs MariaDB Room

There will be some MariaDB related presentations in the general track, on topics of general interest to all audiences. Within the MariaDB Community Room, we turn to those who are already convinced of the greatness of MariaDB Server relative to MySQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and other tracks at Percona Live. For this audience, we will go into more detail.

Pick your CfP – 14 or 31 March 2021!

While the general Call for Paper for Percona Live closes earlier (14 Mar 2021), the MariaDB track closes at the end of March, Wed 31 March 2021. Please use the same URL for your submissions to the MariaDB track as for other Percona Live submissions, namely – regardless of whether you are submitting for the general track or the MariaDB Community Room.

And: If your MariaDB related submission for the general track was not accepted (as space is limited, even online), you may be contacted for a slot in the Community Room.

Slot lengths of 30 and 60 minutes

The MariaDB Community Room will have two slot lengths: 30 minutes and 60 minutes. The longer ones are for tutorials and other topics which require more time. We will decide the exact distribution of 30 minute vs. 60 minute slots based on the submissions we get.

Waiting for your submission!

We thank Percona for providing this MariaDB track at their event. We look forward to getting submissions that help everyone get the most out of MariaDB Server. And we already look forward to meeting with the audience online, on Wed-Thu 12-13 May 2021.