Pick your feature!

With many of us spending lots of time at home in front of our webcams, MariaDB Foundation’s YouTube channel is getting some love. After lurking quietly after registration, we’ve kickstarted it recently by uploading all presentations from the recent MariaDB Day, held in Brussels in February.

MariaDB Foundation’s CEO, Kaj Arnö, put together Hi from Kaj (the rhyming should help clarify confusion on how to pronounce his name) where he asks for feedback on which video topics you’d like to see us tackle.

For now we’re focusing on features already available in MariaDB, not features. Here are some suggested themes and ideas:

  • Migration and compatibility
    • Oracle compatibility mode
  • System Versioning (AS OF) – querying historical versions of the data
  • SQL Basics
    • JSON
    • Window Functions
    • Common Table Expressions
  • High Availability
    • Replication
    • Galera
    • Instant ALTER
  • Security
    • Account locking
    • Password expiration
    • PAM Plugin
    • Audit plugin
  • Authentication
  • SSL

Which topics would you like to see on our YouTube channel? Let us know in the comments.