2020 MariaDB Day presentations

Our first MariaDB Day in Brussels is seeing some interesting presentations. Slides and videos are posted below.

This post will be updated as more slides and presentations become available.

You can also view the live video stream.

  • MariaDB Observability – Peter Zaitsev (slides) (video)
  • Why do I need columnar storage – Andrew Hutchings (slides) (video)
  • MariaDB 10.5 new Galera features – a sneak peek – Seppo Jaakola (slides) (video)
  • 5 Application-time periods in MariaDB – new syntax and table constraints: from PORTIONs to FOREIGN KEYs – Nikita Malyavin (slides) (video)
  • InnoDB Status & RoadMap in MariaDB – Marko Mäkelä (slides) (video)
  • eBPF and Dynamic Tracing for MariaDB DBAs (ftrace, bcc tools and bpftrace) – Valerii Kravchuk (slides) (video)
  • Ensuring MariaDB Server’s longevity, an open build system for the community – Vlad Bogolin (slides) (video)
  • The S3 Storage Engine – Monty Widenius (slides) (video)
  • Let’s compare MariaDB and MySQL Roles – Vicențiu Ciorbaru (slides) (video)
  • How to Avoid Pitfalls in Schema Upgrade with Galera – Sveta Smirnova (slides) (video)
  • Enable real protection for stored data with Virgil PureKit security framework and MariaDB database – Dimitry Dain (slides) (video)