Redirecting Downloaders to Knowledge Base

At the end of the download process for MariaDB Server from, downloaders will from now on be redirected to a MariaDB Knowledge Base page with further information related to how to work with the MariaDB Server release just downloaded.

This is meant to be helpful for the downloader, both when getting started with MariaDB in general, and with that specific release in particular.

The decision to redirect downloaders to a site run by the MariaDB Corporation needs special care. The MariaDB Foundation board voted on the issue, with the board members who work for the MariaDB Corporation abstaining from the vote.

As part of the Knowledge Base page that downloaders are redirected to, there is an optional registration form. The Foundation has ceased using its prior registration, and will obtain the basic data (name, company, email address) from the Corporation registration process. All of this is governed by our Privacy Policy (as required in Europe by the GDPR legislation).