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Setting up MariaDB repositories for Debian/Ubuntu

If you run Debian or Ubuntu, and want a way to auto-generate a sources.list entry, then you should definitely look at: Setting up Repositories for Ubuntu/Debian. Its very simple: choose a distribution, then a release, then choose what version of MariaDB you would like to track and a mirror of your choice, and voila! it generates the sources.list for you.


  1. 2011-06-12    

    php-mysql does not work with 5.2 on debian squeeze.
    is there a easy way to get this to work ?

  2. 2011-06-12    

    It’s nice to see that feature request Bug #60833 for MySQL has already been implemented for MariaDB and Percona Server.

  3. 2011-06-12    

    There are 4 small improvements possible for the repository file generator:
    1. It should not be added to /etc/apt/sources.list. It should be installed as /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mariadb.list
    2. It should have a comment about how and when it was created.
    3. It could use a GeoIP (like) service to automagically find the nearest mirror.
    4. It could also support RPM based distro’s.

  4. Bryan Alsdorf Bryan Alsdorf

    Hi Daniël,

    Thank you for your feedback. #1 and #2 are good suggestions, we will implement those soon. We already do use GeoIP (from maxmind) to choose a mirror in your country or continent, did this not work for you?

    I believe we are in the process of setting up repositories for RPM based distros but I don’t know the details so I will let someone else comment on that.

  5. 2011-06-13    

    I get directed to (US) while I’m in the Netherlands.

    My Location:
    94.210.88.XXX NL Netherlands 09 Utrecht Maarsen 52.1500 5.0500 Ziggo B.V. Ziggo Consumers location: US United States UT Utah Salt Lake City 40.7242 -111.8787 WestNet XMission 770 801

    I do use IPv6. AskMonthy does not (yet?) use IPv6, but Xmission aparently is. Could that be the issue?

  6. 2011-06-13    

    And maybe using geolocation features from the browser could become handy?

  7. bryan bryan

    Ah, IPv6 might very well be the issue. I will look into this more though it might be a little while. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  8. shankar guru HM shankar guru HM

    ‘deb [arch=amd64,i386,ppc64el] xenial main’ invalid

    I got this error during mariadb installation on ubuntu. How can i resolve this error??

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