SkySQL is our new Silver sponsor!

We’re excited to announce that SkySQL has joined the MariaDB Foundation as a Silver sponsor.

SkySQL is the first and only database service designed, built and optimised specifically for MariaDB Server. Recently spun out of MariaDB plc as an independent company, SkySQL remains led by the core team which created it and continues to provide the community with unique and powerful capabilities for running production databases in the cloud. With features such as autonomous scaling, subsecond failover and multi-cloud deployment, SkySQL provides a world-class cloud experience for the MariaDB community — and supports our mission of making MariaDB Server the preferred database of choice for all organisations.

It’s important to the MariaDB Foundation that organisations who use cloud databases are able to take full advantage of MariaDB Server, regardless of the service provider or the public cloud it runs on. It’s why we’re excited to welcome SkySQL. We look forward to working with them, and appreciate the effort they put into ensuring organisations who embrace the cloud succeed with MariaDB Server.

Of course, we too are keenly interested to learn more about the Generative AI initiatives SkySQL has been working on. The MariaDB community has been working hard to bring vector search to MariaDB Server via the MariaDB Vector project. We believe MariaDB Vector will be invaluable to cloud database services powered by MariaDB Server — for providers such as SkySQL as well as organisations building AI-enabled applications and services.

SkySQL’s sponsorship and collaboration will help us advance strategic projects such as MariaDB Catalogs, an initiative to infuse MariaDB Server with native multi-tenancy. We believe it will be instrumental in providing cloud database services like SkySQL with a means to deliver multi-tenant and serverless solutions without compromising MariaDB Server or customer expectations.

Fun fact – we were recently at the  amazing CloudFest conference in Germany where not only did numerous attendees stop by our booth to inquire about SkySQL, but a team led by our very own Andrew Hutchings won the “Future of the Web” award with a project leveraging MariaDB Catalogs.