MariaDB 10.8.0 preview releases now available

Following up on our announcement of the new release model, first used in 10.7.0, we are pleased to announce that the MariaDB Server 10.8.0 preview releases are now available.

Maturing MariaDB more quickly

One of the purposes of the new model is to get features into the hands of users more quickly, in a form which supports stability by allowing the new feature to be more easily tested, separate from other new features being developed at the same time.

Candidate features for MariaDB 10.8

The features available in the preview releases, and therefore under consideration for release in 10.8.1, are:

  1. MDEV-4989 mysqlbinlog GTID support
  2. MDEV-10654 Stored Procedures INOUT Parameters
  3. MDEV-11675 Lag free ALTER TABLE in replication
  4. MDEV-13756 Descending indexes
  5. MDEV-14425 InnoDB redo log improvements
  6. MDEV-17554 Auto create partition
  7. MDEV-26519 JSON Histograms
  8. MDEV-26713 Windows – Improved i18n support
  9. MDEV-27106 Spider Storage Engine Improvements
  10. MDEV-27265 Misc.