Tencent Cloud Becomes a Platinum Sponsor of the MariaDB Foundation

The MariaDB Foundation today announced that Tencent Cloud, the cloud computing service provided by Tencent, has become its platinum sponsor. The sponsorship will help the Foundation ensure continuous collaboration amongst stakeholders within the MariaDB ecosystem, to drive adoption and serve the ever-growing community of users and developers.

Tencent Cloud has already sponsored the MariaDB Foundation by volunteering Bin Cheng, a developer specialized in replication and InnoDB.

The MariaDB Foundation is also sponsored by Tencent Game DBA team and Tencent TDSQL, both part of different business groups under Tencent. Within Tencent, there are many tailored versions of MySQL and MariaDB. The MariaDB Foundation will consolidate the best features to upstream MariaDB to the benefit of everyone and shared maintainership in the long run.

“With Tencent Cloud becoming our Platinum member, two of the three biggest tech companies in China are now platinum sponsors of the MariaDB Foundation. From the 12 existing corporate sponsors of the
MariaDB Foundation, five are from Asia.”

“This proves that a strong open source culture is growing in China as well as in Asia. The Foundation aims to initiate more activities in Asia in the future. Our next MariaDB Developer (Un)Conference will be held in Shenzhen, China,” states Otto Kekäläinen, CEO of the MariaDB Foundation.

“MariaDB is a fundamental part of the future IT infrastructure. By thinking long term and by taking part in the MariaDB Foundation, Tencent Cloud is not only staying competitive, but is also demonstrating leadership by actively shaping the future,” Otto Kekäläinen continues.

The MariaDB Foundation is a non-profit incorporated in Delaware, USA. The foundation provides a reliable global point of contact for collaboration. There are a wide range of companies using MariaDB for commercial purposes, with some listed on https://mariadb.org/about/supporters/. The Foundation aims to foster collaboration to the benefit of everyone, using proven open-source software development methods.