Visa Applications for the MariaDB Developers Unconference in Shenzhen

If you’re attending the MariaDB Developers Unconference in Shenzhen, China and require a visa, you’ll probably need a letter of invitation as part of your application. Please supply the following information to, and we will arrange a letter of invitation from our hosts.

Full name:
Date of Birth:
Passport number:
Passport issue date:
Passport expiry date:
Company Name:
Job Title:
Who will be covering your expenses:

You will probably also need a letter of employment from your employer, as well as a valid return ticket, but please check the requirements closely with your local embassy/consulate to make sure you have everything needed.

As far as accommodation goes, many of us will be staying at the Holiday Inn Shenzhen Donghua, so feel free to join us there, but you are of course welcome to choose your own accommodation near the venue.

Details of how to register, location, and about the conference, are on the 2017-2 Developers Unconference and Related Events, Shenzhen blog post.

For more details on getting in and around Shenzhen, see the Wikivoyage Shenzhen article.