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MariaDB Java Client 1.1.0 released

The MariaDB Java Client 1.1.0 has been released. You can download it here.

This version focused on fixing all known database metadata bugs and ConnnectorJ incompatibilities. Specific fixes include:

  • Consistent, compatible with ConnectorJ handling of JDBC catalogs vs schemas vs databases
  • Implementation of several missing methods in DatabaseMetaData
  • Better handling of statement timeouts
  • OSGi-specific entries have been added to MANIFEST.MF so it can be used in OSGi environments
  • Added support for dumpQueriesOnException=true in the JDBC URL
  • Added support for IPv6 addresses in the connector
  • Added SSL support
  • and more…

See the Release Notes and Changelog for more information.

See also the About the MariaDB Java Client page in the AskMonty Knowledgebase.


  1. dsms dsms

    I am curious how the performance is compared to MySQL’s connector. Have you conducted some sort of benchmark?

    • 2013-01-16    

      Nope, we have not. I will in the future. The login processing with this driver could be a little faster because not much happens during the login (also , this driver has fastConnect property to further reduce network roundtrips) . The normal processing with most time spent on serverm, small results sets should not be too different (but measuring of course will tell more)

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