MariaDB JIRA is moving

The MariaDB JIRA instance that currently is in use for project and issue tracking will change. The current instance is hosted in Atlassian’s cloud and it has worked well, but we have hit the maximum user limit of 2000 users. It’s fantastic to see how many of you actually report bugs and other issues in the MariaDB project!

To hit that limit also means that we have to migrate over to a self-hosted instance of JIRA. Below are important details about that change.

When will the switch happen: 
Sat 27th of Feb

What is the impact for me as a user of MariaDB’s JIRA:
1. URL change – The current instance is hosted in Atalassian’s cloud and has the URL The new one will be found at starting from 28th of Feb.
2. RSS feeds – If you have been using JIRA’s RSS feeds, you’ll need to set up them again since the URL is changing

What will happen to old JIRA:
The JIRA instance will be put into read-only mode and a banner will be visible on each page telling the URL of the new MariaDB JIRA instance. It will remain this way for some time since it has been referenced quite heavily from other sites.