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The Explain Analyzer and HeidiSQL

A few months ago we announced the EXPLAIN Analyzer, a simple tool to help you understand how MariaDB / MySQL was running queries. For users of HeidiSQL this is now even easier. As discussed in their news post you can now send a query to the EXPLAIN analyzer with a single click.

We hope this helps both new and experienced users better understand the queries they run.

More information about the EXPLAIN Analyzer and the simple API client authors can use to add support to their apps is available in the AskMonty Knowledgebase:

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  1. Ben Ben

    You have some sort of JQuery error in your analyzer and saved explains don’t work.

    Uncaught TypeError: help_popup.dialog is not a function
    at HTMLSpanElement.explain_analyzer.show_help_text (main.ad09965b6693.js:11357)
    at HTMLSpanElement.dispatch (main.ad09965b6693.js:3059)
    at HTMLSpanElement.eventHandle (main.ad09965b6693.js:2677)

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