What do you want to see in MariaDB 10.1?

Last night, after my previous blog post, everyone in attendance at the SkySQL developer meeting in Barcelona gathered for dinner at El Cangrejo Loco, which, if my High School Spanish is working, translates as The Crazy Crab. After the excellent food, the tradition of singing at MySQL/MariaDB developer meetings was preserved.

Today the MariaDB developers in attendance at the SkySQL developer meeting in Barcelona got together to work on plans for MariaDB 10.1. We also paused for a group photo:

SkySQL Developers Meeting participants in Barcelona

Many tasks have been identified for possible inclusion in 10.1. Some have already been marked as such in JIRA. A summary is available for those that are interested. More will be added as the plans for 10.1 firm up, so check back.

So now we need to find out which tasks are the most important to you. Please visit JIRA and vote for your favorites! The developers do pay attention to which tasks have more votes, so this is a good way to influence MariaDB 10.1.

To vote, visit this page, browse through the list and click on the items you want to see in 10.1, and then click on the “vote for this issue” link in the right-hand column.


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Daniel Bartholomew is the MariaDB Release Manager. He has written two MariaDB-related books: Getting Started with MariaDB (now in it's 2nd Edition) and the MariaDB Cookbook, both published by Packt.