MariaDB Developers at the SkySQL Engineering Meeting

Me in front of the Sagrada Família in Barcelona.

Several MariaDB developers are attending SkySQL’s annual engineering meeting being held this week in Barcelona. While some of the discussions are SkySQL-specific (customers, internal projects, and so on), there are, naturally, lots of MariaDB discussions happening.

Patrik Sallner, CEO of SkySQL, opened the meeting this morning with a short presentation about SkySQL’s goals for 2014. While the plan includes standard business-like things that include growing the company and sales goals, the top two goals for 2014 are:

  1. Help make MariaDB into the leading open source database

  2. Help increase awareness and adoption of MariaDB

Looking back at 2013, it was an excellent year for MariaDB. It is now the default database in Fedora, OpenSUSE, Mageia, and others and it is included in the recently released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7  preview. During the last days of 2013 MariaDB was also made part of Debian.

During the daily summary, we talked about the 10.0 release plan, focusing on 10.0.8, planning the Release Candidates (RCs) and we now even have a pretty good idea when 10.0 will go GA (you can see this in JIRA).

For the upcoming 10.0.8 release there are 40 bugs being worked on. The planned release date is 31 January 2014, and this will be the first RC. The 10.0.9 release, planned for the end of February, would also be another RC release. The MariaDB 10.0.10 release (planned release date: end of March) is planned to be the first 10.0 GA release.

Lastly, a widely discussed topic among the MariaDB developers today was the performance of MariaDB 10.0, where there already exist a few new patches and quite a few further ideas for improvments. More about this in a separate blog post later.

For now, a big hello from Barcelona!

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Daniel Bartholomew is the MariaDB Release Manager. He has written two MariaDB-related books: Getting Started with MariaDB (now in it's 2nd Edition) and the MariaDB Cookbook, both published by Packt.