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MariaDB 10.0.7 now available

The MariaDB project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of MariaDB 10.0.7. This is a Beta release. See the Release Notes and Changelog for detailed information on this release and the What is MariaDB 10.0? page in the MariaDB Knowledge Base for general information about the MariaDB 10.0 series.

Download MariaDB 10.0.7

Release Notes Changelog What is MariaDB 10.0?

Also see MariaDB 10.0 Beta launched – an important milestone.

Thanks, and enjoy MariaDB!


  1. 2014-01-02    

    Any plans for MacOS binaries? I can’t seem to get it to compile for Snow Leopard nor Lion.

  2. 2014-01-05    

    Is there any rough, vague estimation (or even hope) on when there may be a stable release?

    • Sergei Sergei

      Of course. We plan to do one or two gamma/RC releases and then release 10.0 stable. And we generally are trying to release once a month (not this January though, because of vacations and conferences). So, say, one can expect 10.0 stable in March/April.

  3. 2014-01-10    

    I was reading the various blogs, and I had a question.

    Why does mariaDB 10.0 use innoDB while 5.5 uses xtraDB?
    What motivated the change over?

    • Sergei Sergei

      MariaDB 10.0 uses new MySQL-5.6 compatible storage engine API. When we started to work on 10.0, XtraDB was not 5.6-compatible, we couldn’t use it back then. We had to move to InnoDB, because InnoDB worked with storage engine API from 5.6.

      But when Percona Server 5.6 has stabilized, we took XtraDB-5.6 from there and added it to MariaDB.

      So, MariaDB 10.0.7 has both usable XtraDB and InnoDB. But InnoDB is still the default, because XtraDB doesn’t support all platforms that MariaDB does, so we cannot make it a default just yet. It is available as a plugin, you can install it normally as any other plugin.

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