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MariaDB moves development to Github

Today marks a milestone in terms of the MariaDB project – going forward, the MariaDB project plans to use Github and git for source code management. The migration happens from Launchpad and the bzr tool.

The 10.1 server development (under heavy development now) will happen on Github. You can check it out here: Feel free to watch, star or even fork the code, and send us contributions!

Previous maria-captains should now provide their Github IDs so that they can be accorded similar status. Send the IDs to the maria-developers mailing list.

The project eventually wants to move the 10.0, 5.5, 5.3, 5.2, and 5.1 trees to Github, but in the meantime, fixes still go into the 10.0 or 5.5 trees on Launchpad using bzr. This may change in the future.

This completes a top voted feature, MDEV-5240. We’re not the only project interested in this of course – there was definitely inspiration from Emacs and from Mozilla!



  1. 2014-05-27    

    Great news, and thank you to those associated with the MariaDB project for all of your work. I’ve been using it for a little over a year (since Arch dropped MySQL) and have had a good experience through and through.

  2. 2014-05-27    

    congrats guys on the move 🙂

  3. acscott314 acscott314

    Very cool. This will make it easier for new folks to get started contributing I think.

  4. 2014-06-02    

    Excellent news guys! I’ve just posted my experiences of migrating from SQL Server to MariaDB :

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