page views increased by 77%

It is over a year since the overhauled was published. We immediately got a lot of positive feedback and now looking at the statistics a year later we are glad to report that the number of visits has grown by 28% and the amount of page views has grown a whopping 77% from 1,1 million to 1,9 million. That is a significant acceleration in growth when one considers that the growth of page views the previous year (from 2014 to 2015) was only 7%. Some of the growth can surely be attributed to a general trend of MariaDB getting more adoption, but in particular the growth of page views (77%) and the decrease of bounces (-37%) and the average session duration increase from 1 minute to 1½ minutes can be attributed to the redesign.

The site isn’t perfect, but considering how little resources we had available to put into the overhaul, this is a pretty good result.

Other things that can be learned from the statistics is that by far the biggest source of visitors is organic search engine results, followed by direct visitors (who write in their browser), then referrals from other sites and in fourth place social media. An interesting fact is that Linux desktop users browsing the site are more common (13%) than users with mobile devices (Android, iOS etc). This tells us something about the profile of users interested in MariaDB. The geographical distribution follows common trends with most visitors coming from the biggest countries in the world and Europe. One interesting note is that South Korea is third on the list, ahead of India and Brazil. We seem to have a very active community in South Korea!

On the contents side we see that the most popular sections of the site is the main page, Downloads, About and Learn. From the blog articles the benchmarks seem to spark most interest. It seems we need to publish more benchmarks due to popular demand. We will continue to analyze the statistics and learn what could be improved about the website.

Now it’s time to iterate and make the site closer to perfection. If you want to help us focus on the right things, please submit your feedback below and tell us what you would like us to improve about the website.