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Presentations from the 2017 MariaDB Developers Unconference in Shenzhen

The following sessions were held on the two presentation days of the MariaDB Developers Unconference in Shenzhen.

Day 1

  • MariaDB in 2017 (Otto Kekäläinen)
  • What’s in the pipeline for 10.3 and beyond (Monty) – Slides
  • AliSQL Roadmap (Xiao Bin)
  • JSON support in MariaDB (Vicențiu Ciorbaru) – Slides
  • Replication (Lixun Peng) – Slides
  • Encryption key management (Ben)
  • InnoDB in MariaDB 10.2, 10.3 and beyond (Marko Mäkelä) – Slides
  • Column Compression – Overview, and how it differs from other implementations (Sergey Vojtovich) – Slides
  • MTR Demonstration (Daniel Black)

Day 2

  • Optimizer improvements in MariaDB 10.2 and 10.3 (Vicențiu Ciorbaru & Sergei Petrunia) – Slides 1, Slides 2
  • Features of TMySQL/TSpider port into MariaDB (Felix Liang) – Slides
  • Spider (Kentoku Shiba) – Slides
  • MyRocks (Yoshinori Matsunobu) – Slides
  • MyRocks in MariaDB (Sergei Petrunia) – Slides
  • Instant ADD COLUMN (Marko Mäkelä) – Slides
  • TXSQL Encryption & Audit Introduction (Shaohua Wang) – Slides
  • Introducing PolarDB (Lixun Peng)
  • Challenges in hosting MySQL (Jun Su) – Slides
  • Atomic operations (Sergey Vojtovich) – Slides
  • Memory barriers (Sergey Vojtovich) – Slides
  • MariaDB 10.4 roadmap (Monty)

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