Alibaba Cloud becomes a Platinum Sponsor of the MariaDB Foundation

MariaDB Foundation today announced that Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, has become its platinum sponsor. The sponsorship will help the Foundation in its goals to ensure continuity and open collaboration in the MariaDB ecosystem, and to drive adoption, serving an ever growing community of users and developers.
“Alibaba Cloud is committed to contributing to the open source community and empowering developers around the world. Today, more than one hundred thousand MySQL instances are running on our relational database services (ApsaraDB for RDS). We look forward to working closely with all the participants in the MariaDB ecosystem.” said Hong Tang, chief architect at Alibaba Cloud. Read more

2017 Developers (Un)Conference, New York

The 2017 MariaDB Developers Conference is crossing the ocean this year, and will be taking place in New York, from 9 to 10 April.

The unconference will last for two days and you can join for the whole time, or as little time as you wish.

The schedule of this unconference will be drafted in a public spreadsheet. Initially, anyone attending can help set the schedule by adding sessions, as well as voting for sessions they’re interested in, by incrementing the vote counter. Based on this, the schedule will be drawn up.

BNY Mellon are kindly hosting this years event. Read more

MariaDB Foundation Board Changes

At the most recent MariaDB Foundation board meeting, MariaDB Corporation’s Rasmus Johansson stepped down as chair and from the board. He has been replaced by’s Eric Herman as chair, and on the board by Michael Howard. Michael is the CEO of the MariaDB Corporation. Executive participation from the Corporation will support a good relationship between the Foundation and the Corporation, and the Foundation greatly appreciates all the work that the MariaDB Corporation is doing for the MariaDB server project.

The full composition of the board is:

  • Chair Eric Herman, Principal Developer at
  • Michael “Monty” Widenius, MariaDB Foundation founder and CTO of MariaDB Corporation
  • Sergei Golubchik, Chief Architect at MariaDB Corporation, representing MariaDB developers
  • Espen Håkonsen, CIO of Visma and Managing Director of Visma IT & Communications
  • Michael Howard, CEO at MariaDB Corporation

MariaDB Foundation CEO Otto Kekäläinen serves as the secretary of the board. Read more

MariaDB Presentations from Percona Live Amsterdam

In October, the MariaDB Foundation attended Percona Live in Amsterdam. Below is a selection of MariaDB-related sessions with links to the slides. There were numerous other sessions that were relevant for MariaDB users, but those listed below are some of the most closely related.

For more slides and presentations, see:

Read more

MariaDB at DebConf16

At MariaDB we often get to deal with tables, but this time we took on one of a different type, and climbed to the top. We’re in Cape Town for Debconf16, and managed to take some time to climb to the top of Table Mountain.

It’s been a productive visit. Otto, who handles MariaDB packaging for Debian and Ubuntu, and is also CEO of the Foundation, hosted a BoF session on MariaDB and MySQL packaging. It’s an interesting time on the Debian packaging side, with some changes imminent, and it’s been great to see the interest and support. Read more

2016 MariaDB Developers Meetup

The 2016 MariaDB Developers Meetup will be taking place in Amsterdam, from 6 – 8 October.

The meetup will last for three days and you can join for the whole time, or as little time as you wish.

The schedule of this unconference will be drafted in a public spreadsheet. Initially, anyone attending can help set the schedule by adding sessions, as well as voting for session’s they’re interested in, by incrementing the vote counter. Based on this, the schedule will be drawn up. sponsors the MariaDB Developers Meetup in Amsterdam

The event venue and lunches are sponsored by Read more

MariaDB wins Database of the Year for the Third Year Running

MariaDB was voted database of the year for the third year in succession in the Members Choice awards, winning 45.49% of the vote, up from 34.21% last year. Thanks to everyone from the community that voted for us.

2016 will be a busy year, including the upcoming release of MariaDB 10.2. Take a look at some of the features in the pipeline at Plans for 10.x.

And as a community-driven project, you’re of course very welcome to get involved – see some of the ways to do so here. Read more

MariaDB in the Running for 2015 Members Choice Database of the Year

MariaDB won the 2013 and the 2014 Members Choice Award Database of the Year, and is in the running again for 2015 winner.

Up until 2012, MySQL held a near-monopoly on the title, having won every year since at least 2001 (except for 2002, won by PostgreSQL).

Since 2013, however, it’s been all MariaDB, and now MariaDB is going for a hat-trick of wins.

2015 was a great year for MariaDB development, and the latest stable release, 10.1, includes Galera Cluster, a true multi-master solution, table, tablespace and log encryption, page compression, replication enhancements, numerous optimizations, and a whole lot more. Read more