MariaDB Server will be the default database in cPanel

Good news! cPanel, one of the leading control panels in the hosting world has just announced that they are going to make MariaDB Server the default database when installing new cPanel instances. This change is slated to occur in version 122 of cPanel & WHM, coming in Q3 of 2024. We at MariaDB Foundation are very happy about this decision and are looking forward to continuous collaboration, to the benefit of our users and the MariaDB Server project.

We think that this is a great decision for cPanel users because we at MariaDB have stayed true to the original values of MySQL, including:

  • Long term backwards compatibility
  • Painless upgrades and ease of use
  • Long term stable releases;

Attending Percona University in Athens 2023

It’s been a while since we posted about community organised events. I’m happy to have the chance to talk about my experience attending Percona University in Athens.

For those in a hurry, the main topics are:
1. Databases in the cloud, why vendor-lock is important to consider.
2. How to build Open Source databases, FerretDB and TiDB, two completely different approaches.
3. Upgrading from MySQL 5.7, monitoring and AI to speed up things.

On the left we have Ananias Tsalouchidis, who gave a talk on upgrading from MySQL 5.7

Seeing familiar faces, discussing database experiences

When working within the MariaDB Foundation, it isn’t always easy to get feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

MariaDB is part of Google Summer of Code 2023

We are excited to announce that this year MariaDB has once again been accepted as a Google Summer of Code organization. With this blog post I want to showcase the projects we’re taking on and wish good luck to our mentees for the summer!

At MariaDB we strongly believe in growing Open Source and we encourage new developers to contribute. Google Summer of Code allows us to have dedicated contributors focus on a project for a few months, knowing the costs are covered. We at MariaDB can then just focus on the core aspects – writing code and growing our community.

MariaDB 11.0.1 RC (Short Term Support) now available

The MariaDB Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of MariaDB Server 11.0.1, the first RC release of the MariaDB Server 11.0 series, a Short Term Support release (with support lasting 1 year).

MariaDB Server 11 is a new major series. The release brings lots of query optimizer changes which we believe will be beneficial to our users. Nonetheless we advise testing before deploying in production as some query plans may change. You can read more about the changes from the original author.

See the release notes and changelogs for details.

Download MariaDB 11.0.1

Release Notes Changelog What is MariaDB 11.0?

MariaDB 10.11.2 GA now available

The MariaDB Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of MariaDB Server 10.11.2, the first GA release of the MariaDB 10.11 series, a Long Term Support release.

See the release notes and changelogs for details.

Download MariaDB 10.11.2

Release Notes Changelog What is MariaDB 10.11?

MariaDB APT and YUM Repository Configuration Generator

Contributors to MariaDB 10.11.2

Aleksey Midenkov (MariaDB Corporation)
Alexander Barkov (MariaDB Corporation)
Alexander Freiherr von Buddenbrock
Alexander Kuleshov
Andrei Elkin (MariaDB Corporation)
Andrew Hutchings (MariaDB Foundation)
Anel Husakovic (MariaDB Foundation)
anson1014 (Amazon)
Angelique Sklavounos (MariaDB Corporation)
Brad Smith
Brandon Nesterenko (MariaDB Corporation)
Christian Gonzalez (Amazon)
Daniel Bartholomew (MariaDB Corporation)
Daniel Black (MariaDB Foundation)
Daniele Sciascia (Codership)
Denis Protivensky
Dmitry Shulga (MariaDB Corporation)
Dominik Hassler
Eric Herman
Haidong Ji (Amazon)
Heiko Becker
Ian Gilfillan (MariaDB Foundation)
Igor Babaev (MariaDB Corporation)
Jan Lindström (MariaDB Corporation)
Julius Goryavsky (MariaDB Corporation)
Lena Startseva (MariaDB Corporation)
Marko Mäkelä (MariaDB Corporation)
Michael Roosz
Mikhail Chalov (Amazon)
Michael Widenius (MariaDB Corporation and MariaDB Foundation)
Nayuta Yanagisawa (MariaDB Corporation)
Nikita Malyavin (MariaDB Corporation)
Oleg Smirnov (MariaDB Corporation)
Oleksandr Byelkin (MariaDB Corporation)
Otto Kekäläinen (Amazon)
Robin Newhouse (Amazon)
Rucha Deodhar (MariaDB Corporation)
Sachin Setia
Sergei Golubchik (MariaDB Corporation)
Sergei Petrunia (MariaDB Corporation)
Seppo Jaakola (Codership)
Teemu Ollakka (Codership)
Thirunarayanan Balathandayuthapani
Tuukka Pasanen (MariaDB Foundation)
Vicențiu Ciorbaru (MariaDB Foundation)
Vladislav Vaintroub (MariaDB Corporation)
Vlad Lesin (MariaDB Corporation)
Weijun Huang
Yuchen Pei (MariaDB Corporation)
51 Contributors

Thanks, and enjoy MariaDB! …


MariaDB 10.11.0, our latest preview release, features quite a number of improvements. The one we’ll talk about today is GRANT … TO PUBLIC.


MariaDB has quite a complex privilege system. Most of it is based on the SQL Standard spec; however we do have some specific MariaDB extensions. GRANT … TO PUBLIC (MDEV-5215) is a standard feature that is now available as a preview in MariaDB 10.11.0. It is related to ROLES and DEFAULT ROLE, but it covers a different use case.

ROLES are effectively “privilege packages” that you can enable and disable as a user.

Regressions in recent MariaDB Server releases

Our most recent MariaDB Server release introduced some regressions starting with the 10.6 series, affecting 10.7 – 10.9 as well. This blog post is here to explain the problems in hopes that the impact is minimized. We are likely going to release a new version of MariaDB correcting these problems soon.

InnoDB Full Text Index on tables causes an assertion error (MDEV-29342)

There was a bug in the InnoDB Storage Engine where the full text index could go out of sync with the actual table data. This would happen when only one new row was inserted between the last InnoDB sync (which happens asynchronously) and a server shutdown.

Cyber Protection – best practices for backing up data

A few weeks ago we hosted a webinar together with Acronis and CPanel on security and backup best practices as both provide software in this space. Acronis develops Cyber Security cloud based software particularly specializing in backup and disaster recovery for other service providers. CPanel in turn helps those service providers to enable their customers to administer their systems via a fully fledged dashboard. The webinar was a follow-up on another join presentation at CloudFest. The webinar presented quite a number of good ideas and I highly recommend you watch it.