Presentations from the 2017 MariaDB Developers Unconference in Shenzhen

The following sessions were held on the two presentation days of the MariaDB Developers Unconference in Shenzhen.

Day 1

  • MariaDB in 2017 (Otto Kekäläinen)
  • What’s in the pipeline for 10.3 and beyond (Monty) – Slides
  • AliSQL Roadmap (Xiao Bin)
  • JSON support in MariaDB (Vicențiu Ciorbaru) – Slides
  • Replication (Lixun Peng) – Slides
  • Encryption key management (Ben)
  • InnoDB in MariaDB 10.2, 10.3 and beyond (Marko Mäkelä) – Slides
  • Column Compression – Overview, and how it differs from other implementations (Sergey Vojtovich) – Slides
  • MTR Demonstration (Daniel Black)

Day 2

  • Optimizer improvements in MariaDB 10.2 and 10.3 (Vicențiu Ciorbaru & Sergei Petrunia) – Slides 1, Slides 2
  • Features of TMySQL/TSpider port into MariaDB (Felix Liang) – Slides
  • Spider (Kentoku Shiba) – Slides
  • MyRocks (Yoshinori Matsunobu) – Slides
  • MyRocks in MariaDB (Sergei Petrunia) – Slides
  • Instant ADD COLUMN (Marko Mäkelä) – Slides
  • TXSQL Encryption & Audit Introduction (Shaohua Wang) – Slides
  • Introducing PolarDB (Lixun Peng)
  • Challenges in hosting MySQL (Jun Su) – Slides
  • Atomic operations (Sergey Vojtovich) – Slides
  • Memory barriers (Sergey Vojtovich) – Slides
  • MariaDB 10.4 roadmap (Monty)

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Tencent Cloud Becomes a Platinum Sponsor of the MariaDB Foundation

The MariaDB Foundation today announced that Tencent Cloud, the cloud computing service provided by Tencent, has become its platinum sponsor. The sponsorship will help the Foundation ensure continuous collaboration amongst stakeholders within the MariaDB ecosystem, to drive adoption and serve the ever-growing community of users and developers.

Tencent Cloud has already sponsored the MariaDB Foundation by volunteering Bin Cheng, a developer specialized in replication and InnoDB.

The MariaDB Foundation is also sponsored by Tencent Game DBA team and Tencent TDSQL, both part of different business groups under Tencent. Within Tencent, there are many tailored versions of MySQL and MariaDB. Read more

New MariaDB Foundation staff member sponsored by Tencent Cloud: Bin Cheng

The MariaDB Foundation is happy to announce that a new staff member, Bin Cheng, has started working as a Senior Developer of MariaDB. Bin’s work is sponsored by Tencent Cloud, and he also holds the title of Expert Engineer at Tencent Cloud.

Tencent is one of the largest IT companies in China and the world, with a focus on Internet services and gaming. It provides services for hundreds of millions of people via its flagship products like QQ and WeChat.

New MariaDB Foundation staff member: Bin Cheng

MariaDB and MySQL are widely used in many Tencent business groups, and Tencent also has it’s own versions of MySQL (called TDSQL and Tencent MySQL, TXSQL). Read more

Position open for an experienced open source C/C++ developer

The MariaDB Foundation is looking to expand its staff with one or two part-time or full-time C/C++ developers. We are looking in particular for people with a deep understanding of how open source works, how collaboration is fostered, how licenses and copyright work, how tools like git and test suites are best used and so on. The person(s) should be C/C++ developers by background, and have a proven track record of producing code patches that have been accepted in major open source projects. The main responsibilities is more than just programming alone, but also about fostering collaboration and helping others to do C/C++ development on MariaDB. Read more

2016 in the MariaDB Foundation

We have been very busy in 2016 and early 2017 so this yearly report is long overdue, but we are glad we can report on so many positive things.

Good growth has been visible all over the MariaDB ecosystem, and the website had almost 1.9 million page views in 2016, a growth of 72% since 2015. We can conclude that 2016 was a successful year for MariaDB.

Active maintenance and active development

In 2016 there were 7 releases of the 5.5 series, 5 releases of the 10.0 series and 10 releases of the 10.1 series. Read more page views increased by 77%

It is over a year since the overhauled was published. We immediately got a lot of positive feedback and now looking at the statistics a year later we are glad to report that the number of visits has grown by 28% and the amount of page views has grown a whopping 77% from 1,1 million to 1,9 million. That is a significant acceleration in growth when one considers that the growth of page views the previous year (from 2014 to 2015) was only 7%. Some of the growth can surely be attributed to a general trend of MariaDB getting more adoption, but in particular the growth of page views (77%) and the decrease of bounces (-37%) and the average session duration increase from 1 minute to 1½ minutes can be attributed to the redesign. Read more

Alibaba Cloud becomes a Platinum Sponsor of the MariaDB Foundation

MariaDB Foundation today announced that Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, has become its platinum sponsor. The sponsorship will help the Foundation in its goals to ensure continuity and open collaboration in the MariaDB ecosystem, and to drive adoption, serving an ever growing community of users and developers.
“Alibaba Cloud is committed to contributing to the open source community and empowering developers around the world. Today, more than one hundred thousand MySQL instances are running on our relational database services (ApsaraDB for RDS). We look forward to working closely with all the participants in the MariaDB ecosystem.” said Hong Tang, chief architect at Alibaba Cloud. Read more

MariaDB Foundation Board Changes

At the most recent MariaDB Foundation board meeting, MariaDB Corporation’s Rasmus Johansson stepped down as chair and from the board. He has been replaced by’s Eric Herman as chair, and on the board by Michael Howard. Michael is the CEO of the MariaDB Corporation. Executive participation from the Corporation will support a good relationship between the Foundation and the Corporation, and the Foundation greatly appreciates all the work that the MariaDB Corporation is doing for the MariaDB server project.

The full composition of the board is:

  • Chair Eric Herman, Principal Developer at
  • Michael “Monty” Widenius, MariaDB Foundation founder and CTO of MariaDB Corporation
  • Sergei Golubchik, Chief Architect at MariaDB Corporation, representing MariaDB developers
  • Espen Håkonsen, CIO of Visma and Managing Director of Visma IT & Communications
  • Michael Howard, CEO at MariaDB Corporation

MariaDB Foundation CEO Otto Kekäläinen serves as the secretary of the board. Read more