Tampere MariaDB Developers Unconference: Reportback & Presentations

The second MariaDB Developers Unconference of 2018 was held in Tampere, Finland on 26-29 June. The event was kindly hosted by Seravo and the Crazy Town venue offered us great facilities for collaborative work and discussions. Thanks to all 27 attendees who arrived!

Present were many core developers and new contributors interested in MariaDB development from all around the world. We had attendees all the way from Japan and India and also many from Finland and other European countries.

New Developers Workshop

The first day – June 26th – was dedicated to new contributors and the topic of getting involved in MariaDB development. …

2018-2 Developers Unconference in Finland

This announcement is also available in Finnish. Katso myös suomenkielinen ilmoitus tapahtumasta!

We are happy to announce that the 2nd and final MariaDB Developers Unconference of 2018 will take place in Tampere, Finland during the last week of June:

  • 26 June – New Contributor Day
  • 27–28 June –Developers Unconference
  • 29 June – Patch review day

Seravo are kindly hosting the event. If you want to attend, please sign up on the event page at Meetup.com. The event is free to attend.

Sign up to the MariaDB Developers Unconference
Read about getting involved in the development of MariaDB


The event will take place in Tampere, Finland. …

MariaDB Foundation now accepts cryptocurrency donations

The MariaDB Foundation has added Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero and Ripple to the list of ways to contribute financially.

After experiencing problems with Paypal and disabling it as a means of contribution, our individual donations dropped off as not everyone found the alternatives, such as paying directly into the bank account, convenient.

We recently adding Liberapay as a payment method, and have now started accepting a number of cryptocurrencies. If you wish to donate in a cryptocurrency that is not yet supported, please let us know (you can do so in the comments on this post), and if there is enough demand we will consider adding it as an option. …

2018 MariaDB Developers Unconference New York Presentations

The 2018 MariaDB Developers UnConference is being held in New York City on February 24 and February 25.

Below are a list of the sessions with links to slides where available. This post will be updated as slides become available.

Day One

* Welcome (Otto Kekäläinen)
* New Developers Tutorial and Best Practices (Vicențiu Ciorbaru) – slides
* Discussion: Refactoring transaction metadata storage (Marko Mäkelä) – slides
* Docker and why we should use it (Vicențiu Ciorbaru) – slides
* New 10.3 Optimizer Features (Vicențiu Ciorbaru) – slides
* MyRocks Storage Engine Status Update (Sergei Petrunia) – slides
* Group Insert (Yuan Zhang) – slides
* Cross-Engine Hot Backup (Marko Mäkelä) – slides

Day Two

* Replication internals and Ongoing and Future Projects (Andrei) – slides
* What’s new in MariaDB 10.3 for developers (Max) – slides
* Arm64 port and optimization (Sandeep) – slides
* Deep-dive: InnoDB transactions and write paths (Marko) – slides
* MySQL features missing in MariaDB (Colin) – slides
* Status of Spider patches in MariaDB 10.4 (Kentoku) – slides
* MariaDB 10.4 brainstorming (Otto) – Knowledge Base page

MariaDB voted 2017 LinuxQuestions.org Database of the Year

MariaDB was voted database of the year for the fifth year in succession in the 2017 LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice awards, winning 42.22% of the vote, up from 41.29% last year. Thanks to everyone from the community that voted for us. MariaDB has now won the award in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

2018 will see MariaDB 10.3 being released as stable. 10.3 is a major new release with the focus on compatibility, easing migration from other DBMSs, as well as adding new features that are sure to be well used, such as system-versioned tables, which allow one to query data as it existed at a previous point in time (useful in case of disaster!). …

2018 MariaDB Developers Unconference

The first MariaDB Developers Unconference of 2018 will be our second meetup in New York City, and will be taking place on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 February.

The event is free to attend and you can join for the whole time, or as little time as you wish.

The schedule of this unconference is being drafted in a public spreadsheet. Please add suggestions for sessions you would like to present or lead on this spreadsheet.

The venue is in Manhattan (Google Maps) so that it’s easily accessible for those attending M|18. …

M|18 MariaDB Users Conference and the MariaDB Developers Unconference in New York, February 2018

February 2018 sees New York City again play host to the MariaDB Users Conference, M|18. The submission deadline for the Call for Papers is October 31, so there’s still time to get your proposal in. For those attending, Early Bird pricing is applicable until the end of November. Details at https://m18.mariadb.com/.

M|18, on 26 and 27 February is for all users of MariaDB. It will be preceded on 24 and 25 of February by the 2018 MariaDB Developers Unconference, for developers of the MariaDB Server software. Details for this event will follow soon, but if you’re know you’re going to be in New York and attending the Developers Unconference, feel free to sign up so long on the Meetup page. …

Visa Applications for the MariaDB Developers Unconference in Shenzhen

If you’re attending the MariaDB Developers Unconference in Shenzhen, China and require a visa, you’ll probably need a letter of invitation as part of your application. Please supply the following information to ian@mariadb.org, and we will arrange a letter of invitation from our hosts.

Full name:
Date of Birth:
Passport number:
Passport issue date:
Passport expiry date:
Company Name:
Job Title:
Who will be covering your expenses:

You will probably also need a letter of employment from your employer, as well as a valid return ticket, but please check the requirements closely with your local embassy/consulate to make sure you have everything needed. …