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MariaDB 2017年第2次开发者大会即将在深圳召开,这是MariaDB社区第一次在亚洲地区举办开发者大会。

11月13日 — 新贡献者日
11月14~15日 — 开发者大会
11月16~17日 — Patch研讨会


11月13日是专门为新贡献者预留的一天。 如果您有兴趣成为MariaDB的贡献者,但不知道如何起步;或者已经做了一些贡献,但希望更深入地了解MariaDB的开发流程,那么这一天的会值得您参加。 参会者需要有C / C ++基础,带上笔记本电脑!会议将兼顾英语和普通话。


11月14日和15日是传统的开发者会议。欢迎任何有兴趣在MariaDB开源项目中贡献力量(代码或者其它形式的贡献)的人参加。 参与会议并不要求您是核心开发人员,这是一个开放的社区,我们欢迎那些愿意学习和参与开源的新贡献者。


在开发者会议之后,经过了大量的展示和讨论,我们需要着手工作了。这2天将用于补丁审查(Code Review),面对面的讨论比正常的在线审查流程更高效。这也是个好机会可以把前面讨论的好想法一起来设计好实现,因为这些想法还很新,您可以亲自与其他开发者进行沟通。

请在这里注册MariaDB Developers开发者大会。 …

2017-2 Developers Unconference and Related Events, Shenzhen

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The 2nd 2017 MariaDB Developers Unconference will be our first in Asia, and will take place in Shenzhen, China, along with two related events:

13 November – New contributor day
14-15 November – Developers Unconference
16-17 November – Patch review days
Provisional Schedule

Shannon are kindly hosting the event. If you want to attend, please sign up on the event page at Meetup.com.

All events are free of charge to attend. We recommend you stay in a hotel near the venue.

New contributor day

The 13th of November will be a day dedicated to new developers. …

Community contributions to MariaDB

One of the goals of the MariaDB Foundation is to help new contributors understand the source code and to lower the barrier for new participants. One way to measure this is to look at the number of pull requests received and accepted, as these mostly reflect community contributions. The figures below are for the main server only, not any of the connectors or tools hosted on the Foundation’s GitHub account, and for the period 1 January to 1 July 2017.

Number of GitHub pull requests received: 126 (+113% Year-on-Year)
Number of pull requests reviewed: 102 (+76% YoY)
Number of contributors: 28 (+22% YoY)
Number of reviewers: 13 (+44% YoY)

By comparison, here are the equivalent figures for MySQL:
Number of GitHub pull requests received: 35 (-10% Year-on-Year)
Number of contributors: 19 (+27% YoY)

Although the MariaDB codebase is large and complex, we’re happy to see that there have been some interesting and important contributions from the community. …

Embrace the Community, Fly the Open Source Dream

This article is by the Tencent Game DBA Team, and has been translated from the original.

Tencent Game DBA Team (the DBA Team for short) has been serving the game business for a number of years. The mission of the DBA Team is to provide stable and efficient online storage services for Tencent Games. As the storage requirements from the game business evolve, we keep extending features of our database and improving its performance. We spared no effort to provide reliable, scalable and performant database solutions.

We currently maintain several products:

  • TenDB: the MySQL branch maintained by the DBA team.

2017 MariaDB Developers (Un)Conference New York Presentations

The 2017 MariaDB Developers (Un)Conference was held on April 9 and 10 in New York, and was kindly hosted by BNY Mellon.

Below are a list of the sessions with links to slides/Periscope where available.

Day One

*Welcoming talk: BNY Mellon and MariaDB (Zak Murad), MariaDB Foundation in 2017 (Otto Kekäläinen) – periscope
*What’s new in MariaDB 10.2 (Sergei Golubchik) – periscope, slides
*AliSQL’s roadmap and contribution for MariaDB (Xiaobin Lin)
*MyRocks overview and features (Yoshinori Matsunob) – periscope, slides
*No-Slave-Left-Behind (Jean-François Gagné) – periscope, slides
*Making Percona Monitoring & Management (PMM)/Percona Toolkit/Percona XtraBackup better for MariaDB Server (Peter Zaitsev)
*Instant ADD COLUMN (Tencent, Alibaba, Monty, Marko)
*MyRocks in MariaDB: why and how (Sergei Petrunia) – periscope, slides
*Per-engine mysql.gtid_slave_pos (Jean-François Gagné) – periscope, slides

Day Two

*InnoDB in 10.2 and beyond (Marko Mäkelä) – periscope, slides
*10.3 Features (Monty Widenius) – periscope
*Temporal Support / As Of in 10.3 (Alvin Chang) – periscope, slides
*Let’s write history – Git best practices (Vicențiu Ciorbaru) – periscope, slides
*BuildBot and Travis-CI – improving development speed with airtight CI infrastructure (Otto Kekäläinen, Daniel Bartholomew) – periscope
*Collaboration in Spider development (Kentoku and others)- slides
*Custom aggregate functions in 10.3 (Vicențiu Ciorbaru and Varun)
*Atomic operations and memory barriers in C (Sergey)
*Features of TMySQL / TSpider port into MariaDB (Felixliang/Vinchen)
*Query optimization features in MariaDB 10.2 (Vicențiu Ciorbaru) – periscope1, periscope2, slides
*Less passwords, more security – socket auth by default in MariaDB 10.3 (Otto Kekäläinen) – slides
*The two little bugs that almost brought down Booking.com (Jean-François Gagné) – slides

2017 Developers (Un)Conference, New York

The 2017 MariaDB Developers Conference is crossing the ocean this year, and will be taking place in New York, from 9 to 10 April.

The unconference will last for two days and you can join for the whole time, or as little time as you wish.

The schedule of this unconference will be drafted in a public spreadsheet. Initially, anyone attending can help set the schedule by adding sessions, as well as voting for sessions they’re interested in, by incrementing the vote counter. Based on this, the schedule will be drawn up.

BNY Mellon are kindly hosting this years event. …

2016 MariaDB Developers Meetup Presentations

I’ve collected slides and videos from several of the presentations given at the MariaDB Developers Meetup in Amsterdam, 6-8 October 2016. This meetup was kindly hosted by Booking.com. The presentations are listed here in roughly the order they were given. If I have both the slides and video for a given talk I link to both, otherwise I just link to what I have. The video is of poor quality as it was livestreamed to Periscope from a handheld mobile phone. Network issues also mean the streams sometimes dropped and had to be restarted. I will update this post as a receive slide decks from other speakers. …

Thoughts on MariaDB Server 10.3 from MariaDB Developers Meeting in Amsterdam, part 1

I had the honor of leading a session on Saturday, during the MariaDB Developers Meeting in Amsterdam, brainstorming around MariaDB Server 10.3. It’s definitely time to do that since MariaDB Server 10.2 has entered beta stage. In case you have missed that, I’ve wrapped up what’s included in 10.2 so far in a blog post on my employer’s site. In addition to the features mentioned in that blog post there are a couple of features still coming in 10.2 of which the most notable is that the MyRocks engine will be included. More about this later in another article. …